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         You are most welcome if...

  • you have a specific goal you want to achieve, either on a physical, emotional or on any other level.

  • you would like to change a state of being, a destructive pattern or habit of yours.

  • you wish to stop a repeating situation in your life.

  • you would like to make a small, medium or fundamental change in your life.

  • you are willing toimprove your intention, focus, will and attention.

  • you decided to break free from addiction.

  • you want to resolve a traumatic experience.

  • you would like to become clear about your  vision.

  • you would like to recover from a physical and/or emotional trauma.


My clients and I work on barriers which stand between them and their wishes and dreams. I foster individuals to break down restrictions, habits and destructive patterns which lead to an unfulfilling, unhealthy and unwanted state of being. Such routines manifest on all levels of our being: 

  • physically - as acute or chronic physical pain, discomfort.

  • in our actions - by harming ourselves and others (e.g. addictions).

  • emotionally - by sensing and feeling in a determined habitual way.

  • in our way of thinking about the world, ourselves and others, by perceiving our surrounding through our senses and needs.

Here is an example: If I think about myself as incapable, I definitely AM much more incapable than I actually would be without these convictions. There are many reasons why we became who we are but there are also far too many excuses why we can not change. In a personal Grinberg Method process we explore, feel, think and sense all the inhibitions and difficulties that stand between you and your goal. You will experience them physically, emotionally and intellectually and you will learn to stop everything that stops you from being fully yourself: focused, powerful and united.

When I was studying psychology in 2004, I had my first contact with the Grinberg Method in front of a little organic supermarket in a quiet street corner of Berlin. It was spring and I caught a glimpse of what it means to be touched in a very different way. I felt seen and touched exactly the way I needed to be touched, and the message landed well in my body.
12 years later, in 2015, I found myself in a well paid job, but I was feeling unsatisfied. I  longed for a change, and suddenly I remembered the little touch that deeply moved me and which should later change my life. It was clear to me that I would take this opportunity to learn a new profession. And yes, since 2019, I am a self employed Grinberg Method practitioner and happily independent. Most of all I learned to become free. Free of what harms me, free of what does not serve me, free of what obstructs me and makes me suffer. And this was just the beginning of a start into a new chapter in my life.


The Grinberg Method is about collaboration. At the beginning of each process stands an assessment through your feet. Together we find out what it is that your body is most busy with. Through the „language“ of your feet we agree on your goal for the process. The process itself consists of your individual sessions  and of an individual training program of mental and writing exercises as well as body exercises if you wish to practice at home between the sessions. Each process aims to empower your ability to continue our work by yourself if you so wish.


I feel the urge to multiply and forward the gifts I received by teaching my clients what I was fortunate to learn. It´s my deep wish to live in a world full of individuals being and acting naturally as themselves. There is nothing and no one more inspiring and empowering to witness than individuals daring to live for what they love and really are. I want to reach out my hands for everyone in order to become more alive, more present and, most of all, more of themselves. 


No one ever tried to teach me who I really am. No one ever challenged me in such an seismic effective way and no one facilitated me and my potential while teaching me in such a holistic way. H. T.

I gained much more body attention and understanding of my body. I got wonderful tools to help myself out of pain and crisis. K. S.

Really important part in my personal development. Not always easy but in the end always easing. Like cleaning
my eyeglasses - You don't recognize how dirty your glasses are, until you clean your glasses with an new and
appropriate eyeglass cleaning cloth and you see clear the first time in days.

The Grinberg Method is a wonderful and holistic concept to get to know yourself with everything you are. Analyze your body reactions as well as your thoughts and learn to deal with them responsibly. The aim is to find more self-confidence, awareness and self-fulfillment. B.N.

I learned that I always try to withstand uncomforable situations instead of just saying "no" or just leaving. 

I learned that I am pressing my lips if I feel sad or uncomfortable.

I learned that I play cool, instead of showing my true emotions and wishes. 

I feel that I am in fewer uncomfortable situations, because I avoid them in the first place (for example cancelling dates)

I learned that physical pain can be caused by psychical pain. And the psychical pain can be increased by certain physical actions like in my case pressing the lips together. 

For my life I learned that it is sometimes better for me to let people go instead of desperately hoping that they will change or be the way the were before.

The sessions were like an anchor in bad times and I always felt better afterwards. M.H.

Ich fühl mich viel besser, habe diesen Mantel von alten Verletzungen, Enttäuschungen und Muster
ablegen können. Ich bin jetzt klarer in dem was ich möchte und anstrebe in einer zukünftigen Partnerschaft. Habe auch
mein Verlangen, dass sich mein Vater ändert, abgelegt und habe jetzt keine Erwartungen mehr. Bin generell entspannter
und gelassener im Alltag sowie auch im Umgang mit Familie und Freunden. M.F.

Profile picture // Levente Koltai

Background photo//  Mutzii on Unsplash

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